Welcome! We host weddings from May through October.

Our ethos comes in two parts: 1) Personalization. YOU decide how the facility is set up and used. After all, this passage is very significant and it's yours. It should be a reflection of who you are from beginning to end. And 2) Time. Weddings are about relationships. While beauty is important, having time to relax with family and friends is even more important. So much effort and expense goes into planning them that weddings should last longer than a few hours - a lot longer! Thus our decision to switch to weekend weddings from 2017 onward. Access starts on Tuesday, so you’ll have three days of small parties to prepare for three days of big parties!

Our lush Ceremony Circle, nestled up to the apple orchard, sits beneath one of the oldest maple groves in Massachusetts, with a stunning view across the valley. Our stone patio features a permanent 40’ x 50’ reception tent and a 75’ long retaining wall/bench. Our elegant, rustic barn has chestnut beams, bamboo floors, lots of glass and geothermal cooling.

We provide the furniture, which we set up according to your specifications. We also provide indoor and outdoor sound equipment, a fire pit and outdoor grills. For cold or windy weather, the tent has sidewalls and heaters. We have an extensive list of PREFERRED VENDORS, but you contract directly with any vendors you want - whether or not they're on our list. You're free to bring in your own alcohol. Other amenities include accommodations for 10 guests, a bridal suite, a yurt, an elevator, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, a large walk-in fridge and a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. Two streams run through the property and the Robert Frost Trail is within walking distance.

Get married in the upper fields. Enjoy cocktail hour beneath the massive willow tree. Wine and dine on the tented stone patio. And dance the night away in the Great Hall. For a truly memorable wedding, make it a weekend!

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Visiting Montague Retreat Center? Click HERE for an important travel note (or just use Google Maps - Apple brings you to the rear entrance, which is closed).

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WEDDING RATES (insurance included)

2018 Weekends $8,400 (includes insurance and accommodations on Friday & Saturday nights)

Access starts on Tuesday at noon; exclusive use is from noon on Friday until 4pm Sunday (includes use of kitchen and dining facilities for Friday rehearsal dinner, Saturday reception and Sunday brunch).

Music is allowed on the courtyard until 9:00pm. There is no time restriction for music in the Great Hall.

120 spaces.

Two private spaces: 40' x 12' suite overlooking the courtyard, and 16' ft diameter yurt.

The ceremony may be held in the Ceremony Circle adjacent to the apple orchard, in the Great Hall or under the tent. Includes ceremony chairs and fine mowing.

Stone patio with tent. Includes dining tables and chairs. 210 fit comfortably under the courtyard tent.

Great Hall (45' x 45') and balcony (45' x 15'). Excellent acoustics!

PLEASE NOTE: For insurance reasons, alcohol must be served by TIPS certified bartenders and guests may not be charged. A liquor license is not required.


To initiate a Reservation, please fill out this Wedding Application Form. We will contact you to schedule a tour within 1 day. You may also call us at 413.522.2647. To protect your privacy, we will not share any of this information.

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