Welcome! We are so glad you are considering the Montague Retreat Center for hosting your wedding! Our team wishes to help personalize your experience in our extraordinary place.

The Montague Retreat Center hosts weddings from May through October. We are currently accepting inquiries for the 2022 Wedding Season and have tour times available upon request.

Our lush Ceremony Circle, nestled up to the apple orchard, sits beneath one of the oldest maple groves in Massachusetts, with a stunning view across the valley. Our Stone Patio features a permanent 40’ x 50’ reception tent and a 75’ long retaining wall/bench. Our elegant, rustic Great Hall barn has chestnut beams, bamboo floors, lots of glass and geothermal cooling. 

Beginning in 2022, our couples will work with our exclusive caterer, Wheelhouse. Offering farm fresh food made from scratch, Wheelhouse curates menus that honor both the origins of the food, and highlight the creativity of their chefs.  Nearly 100% of Wheelhouse produce and over 90% of their meat, dairy and grain are sourced from local farms!

Other Montague Retreat Center amenities include on-site accommodations, a wedding lounge, yurt, an ADA-compliant lift, and accessible restrooms. Two streams run through the property and the Robert Frost Trail is within walking distance. Coming attractions include the addition of 5 beautiful cabins on site, brand new for the 2022 event season.

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Visiting Montague Retreat Center? Click HERE for an important travel note (or just use Google Maps - Apple brings you to the rear entrance, which is closed).

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Please email us at for more information or to arrange a tour. Our Wedding Coordinator is happy to answer your questions!

Our Wedding Facility Fees includes the following:

120 spaces

Two private spaces: 40' x 12' suite overlooking the courtyard, and 16' ft diameter yurt.

The ceremony may be held in the Ceremony Circle adjacent to the apple orchard, in the Great Hall or under the tent. Includes ceremony chairs and fine mowing.

Stone patio with tent. Includes dining tables and chairs. 170 fit comfortably under the courtyard tent, with maximum capacity at 210.

Great Hall (45' x 45') and balcony (45' x 15'). Excellent acoustics!


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