Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes, Caricaturist for Montague Retreat Center

What better way to entertain friends, family and colleagues than with hilarious drawings of themselves? Make your wedding or special event the SMASH HIT of the year by having me provide a unique show for you and your guests!
Primarily servicing the areas of Western Mass (but willing to travel further if required), my caricatures offer a personal, unique memento that will last a lifetime. Having me perform is also an enormously fun source of entertainment and comedy for ALL guests, not just those in the artist’s chair!
Talented caricaturists are rare. It takes years to build up the skill necessary to draw accurate likenesses, as well as being able to draw fast enough to keep up with demand. With over twelve years of live experience, I have personally drawn thousands of caricatures at hundreds of events and locations. My ability to quickly and skillfully capture a humorous likeness of each individual has put me in high demand, with many clients requesting that I return time and time again!
There are many caricaturists working in the US, however the main quality that differentiates one artist from another is TALENT. I am renowned as one of the NE's premier live caricaturists, with a confident, playful style and ability to capture uncanny likenesses. Combine this with a natural artistic ability and friendly, professional manner - and you have a truly unique entertainment choice that will keep your guests talking long after the day!
In addition to twelve seasons at NE’s largest theme park, I have caricatured people from all walks of life in such far-flung locations as New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, at my own retail location at WMass’ premier tourist spot, Yankee Candle’s flagship store. That's before you even get into the many weddings and events which have enjoyed my presence across NE!
I can draw 12-15 faces per hour (or one face every 4-5 minutes)which allows me to draw a sizeable percentage of guests whilst never sacrificing the great quality for which I am known. After all, do you want your guests to go home with a drawing that they will shove in a drawer, or a keepsake that they'll proudly hang as a treasured memento of your event?
When you hire a caricaturist, you're not just hiring someone to draw funny pictures, but also someone who is able to chat with your guests and put them at ease. The experience should be just as enjoyable for those watching as it is to the person being drawn! I am well known for my friendly, laid-back personality, and I love chatting to folk while I'm creating art. This immediately allows guests to relax, and in turn enables me to capture their personalities effectively – a vital ingredient to a great caricature.
I'm frequently asked: “Don't you get bored drawing faces all day long...?”
I get paid to draw funny cartoons, how could that ever get boring?? I remain fascinated by our individual differences and quirks as human beings, and it is striving to capture this uniqueness that keeps things constantly fascinating and entertaining, both for the audience and myself. Seeing the looks on guests’ faces when they view their drawing for the first time - and sensing the room fill with wonderful happy energy as a result - is a truly magical moment!
I am capable of drawing 12-15 guests per hour. Travel to the venue is FREE within 20 miles of Easthampton, MA, beyond this a fee of 50 cents per round-trip driving mile will be added to the overall total. I use Google Maps to determine distance. If time and budget allow I HIGHLY recommend booking me for as long as possible, as my caricatures are usually overwhelmingly popular!!
As an added option, I can also include a customized message and/or full color logo, pre- printed on each sheet in advance of the booking. This is a great way to add an extra personal touch, and be extra sure your guests won't forget your event in a hurry! I charge $50 for the "Customized Paper" option, which is a one-off fee regardless of the number of sheets printed.
PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: Pioneer Valley, Central/Western MA
MEDIA: Markers
SPEED:  12-15 people per hour
2014/15 RATES:  First 2 hours of service $250, then $100 per hour thereafter. (Beyond 50 miles a 3 hour performance minimum applies.)
MILEAGE EXPENSES: FREE within 20 miles of Springfield, MA, then 50 cents per round-trip mile. Travel estimated using Google maps
OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Customized Paper $50, regardless of number of sheets printed.
Please contact me with any questions or details. Thanks for your interest!

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Serving the Pioneer Valley and beyond.