Laurie Benton

Bakeries/Wedding Cakes
Laurie Benton, Wedding Cake Maker for Montague Retreat Center

 As a child, Laurie Benton loved experimenting with her Easy Bake oven. However, long before that, her grandmother instilled into her a love for baking in her country kitchen in Gill, Massachussets.
From a small town in southern New Hampshire where Laurie was raised, to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia, Laurie completed her professional baking and pastry education, graduating in 2011. She has interned under professional baking and pastry chefs with more than thirty years of experience, even including one chef who competed on the national television show, "Cupcake Wars."
Both her grandmother's love of baking and training from professional chefs throughout the country have inspired Laurie to use her baking skills and creativity to the fullest. She currently custom designs cakes in a small bakery setting. Such a passion for baking makes Laurie's work less of a job and more of a 'piece of cake'!

Vendor Phone: 
Laurie Benton, 143 Delaware Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06708