Matthew Cavanaugh Photography

Matthew Cavanaugh Photography Photographer for Montague Retreat Center

Matthew Cavanaugh is a Western MA based wedding photographer and freelance photojournalist. Matthew excels at capturing real moments throughout the wedding day, working in a quiet and unobtrusive way, to tell your story with pictures. By keeping the posing to a minimum, Matthew provides his clients with a very different experience, one that isn't all about creating moments for the camera. It's about experiencing real moments and enjoying your day. "My clients get to really experience their wedding day and I love documenting the day for them."
Formerly based in Washington, DC, Matthew spent years covering the White House and documenting historic events. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and many other publications.

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Matthew Cavanaugh Photography, 202 Main St #202B, Greenfield, MA 01301